i hate the dark.


a short text adventure about walking home at night, and playstation horror games.

made in rpg maker 2003 in 72 hours for ludum dare 27.


z/enter – confirm/examine

x/escape – menu/cancel

rpg maker hates resolutions. if you encounter flickering, press alt + enter (windowed mode).

download here

page on ludum dare



the clues for the sound puzzle are: “H”, “menu” and “escape” they might be a little difficult to make out because the audio quality is terrible. hopefully this helps. if you’re still stuck, go to the bottom of this page!

glowing architecture.


twine adventure game for porpentine’s twine jam

click here (browser)

illegal crime game.




Explore the city and commit crimes. Collect money and commit crimes. Pray to your crime Deity and crime tombs.


Arrow Keys – Move
Enter / Z – Confirm/Interact
Escape / X – Cancel/Menu

RPG Maker is a little fiddly. If you encounter flickering, try pressing alt + Enter.

soundtrack by:




due to a misinterpreted automated flagging from wordpress, this game caused my blog to be suspended. please read here for more information. be careful when naming your games…

weird tape in the mail.

short twine text adventure game. made in a day or so for the salt world jam. based heavily on the good bits of david lynch’s ‘lost highway’

play it here (browser)

i am a tree. you are not. ha ha.


you are a worm from the sea.
the sea is safe.
don’t leave the sea.
you have no hope of becoming a tree.

three different endings. contains swearing.

arrow keys to move
alt + enter to go into windowed mode

made with rpg maker 2003

made for ludum dare 24

click to play

ludum dare page

untitled, so far /// cognitive static

hello hello

it was ludum dare this weekend and i made a little rpg maker game in the last 24 hours or so. i wanted to make a Yume Nikki fangame this ludum dare and spent a while working out how to work the theme into it. it really didn’t work as i had planned and i’m kind of disappointed with how it turned out.

the initial idea was to have each connecting route to the next area blocked by static/noise, which would become unblocked by examining things within the room or entering into the “dream world”, playing through dream areas and interacting with characters and whatnot.

i gave that up pretty early on because of lack of ideas (i had huge gamer’s block this weekend) and just set the whole game within the dream. by sleeping in the bed, you alter the cognitive static and can access new areas. there’s no real purpose but to look around and explore and collect things.

i kind of like the concept of it, and if i get time i’m definitely gonna add more fuel to it. it ended up pretty steam of conscious, which i guess is apt?? i dunno. its less of a Yume Nikki fan game and more some separate abomination altogether.

 click here to play

ludum dare entry page 

it’s 2:30 am and i’m sick.

pirate kart.


i made some games for pirate kart! i was/am hoping to make more, but i finished two in relatively close to deadline time (two hours) though didn’t use klik n play..


wanted to make a pretty gross game and it unintentionally came out as a bad space funeral/four winds fantasy-like i guess!! oh well thats not a bad thing

Please Go To The Forest

dumb dream thing


pals catamites and gargonherd also made games which are great!! check out draculas castle and mormon temple

like 820 games have been made and more are still being made!! its great, make some games everyone!! awooo!