survive the desert.

A game for Ludum Dare 22. I was learning the engine (Stencyl) as I was making it and ran out of time so couldn’t put everything I wanted in. Not too happy with how it turned out but I’m glad I did it. Mouse click text/options and use the compass in the bottom right to move through the desert.

Click here to play (Stencyl website)

 Here’s the .swf file

and here’s the entry on the Ludum Dare website 


One response to “survive the desert.

  1. I played this after it was tweet’d by ghxyk2, i’d file this one with the likes of CRYING SCREAMING and BONKEY TREK, great game.

    I was analyzing every one of my youtube subscribers, upon seeing that you subbed me, I had a vague notion that i’d seen you around twitter. I pulled up your twitter, then your blog, lo and behold I saw the game I had played #internet

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