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Small Time

Just a quick update really. I haven’t worked on Eat Should for a week or so now, as I’m still getting to grips with Construct, and it’s pretty disheartening as I keep running into errors and whatnot. I’ve created a lot of the graphics for the game though, so I’ve been doing something.

In search of help though, I watched a number of video tutorials, and sort of grown to hate them. I can understand why they exist, as they take a lot less time to produce than, say, written tutorials, and good videos are actually pretty helpful sometimes. But because of compression, screen resolution, and the guy doing it being incredibly shy or mumbling, a lot of them aren’t useful. Or even worse are ones which cut to screens of a wall of text, and constantly pausing and playing is a huge pain. Especially when everything is sped up in order to cram everything into the Youtube upload time limit.

On a side note, I’ve also started up another project. It’s gonna be 3D, and the aim is to make a bizarre low-poly adventure game, something that might have been a lost/unreleased N64 game. In an aid to learn the software we’ll probably be using (the wonderful Wings3D) I half-made some sort of robot guy. I didn’t get round to finishing it, which is why the arms and textures are pretty crappy.

Deeply inspired by some of the great work thecatamites has been doing over at Salt World. Definitely worth a look through.

I’m gonna make something in Game Maker this week. It won’t be anything substantial or anything but I just want to get back into the flow of things.