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i hate the dark.


a short text adventure about walking home at night, and playstation horror games.

made in rpg maker 2003 in 72 hours for ludum dare 27.


z/enter – confirm/examine

x/escape – menu/cancel

rpg maker hates resolutions. if you encounter flickering, press alt + enter (windowed mode).

download here

pageĀ on ludum dare



the clues for the sound puzzle are: “H”, “menu” and “escape” they might be a little difficult to make out because the audio quality is terrible. hopefully this helps. if you’re still stuck, go to the bottom of this page!


i am a tree. you are not. ha ha.


you are a worm from the sea.
the sea is safe.
don’t leave the sea.
you have no hope of becoming a tree.

three different endings. contains swearing.

arrow keys to move
alt + enter to go into windowed mode

made with rpg maker 2003

made for ludum dare 24

click to play

ludum dare page

earthbound: morality of games

hello first of all: happy holidays! i was playing earthbound today and it was really fun but then i decided to look at a speedrun of the game and i noticed something straight away. at the start of the game, you meet a cool alien called Buzz Buzz, and he follows you for a little while. you go to your neighbours house and he gets killed. what i noticed in this speedrun is that you can skip talking to Buzz Buzz as he’s dying and just continue/start your adventure. now, i’ve played this game like five or six times, and each time i think i’ve always talked to Buzz Buzz on his death bed. i’ve never even thought twice about it, i never knew it was skippable, this cool alien is about to die and every time i talked to him. i heard his last words. and the fact that you can ignore him and just leave the house and start your adventure never occurred to me.