I Hate The Dark – bad rpg maker text adventure.

Dungeon Exit – short escapism simulator.

Survive The Desert – a rancid choose your own adventure game. includes multiple endings, terrible characters and a unique and dynamic Thirst engine.

VILE MEAT – voted cleanest and most hygienic game of E3 showcase 2012.

Please Go To The Forest – extremely crude lucid dream game.

Untitled, So Far  – my homage to Yume Nikki, the wonderful dreamscape adventure game.

I Am A Tree. You Are Not. Ha Ha. – short puzzle game for science fans everywhere.

Weird Tape In The Mail – crude text adventure based on parts of David Lynch’s Lost Highway

Illegal Crime Game – colourful adventure game. my blog was suspended because of this.

Glowing Architecture – cityscape text adventure made for Porpentine’s Twine Jam.


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